Our Auto Transport and Car Shipping Process

Our process begins with you picking up the phone and talking to one of our friendly team, who take down your details and the job you want us to do, and then fire that down to our teams on the ground.

We then coordinate who’s going to be driving what and where, and send someone out to pick up your vehicle, if we’re driving it for you, or a team with a way of transporting your vehicle if that’s how we’re getting it from A to B. It’s all up to you.

Our driver or drivers should arrive pretty promptly, depending on the location of the pickup, and they make an assessment of the vehicle and how it’s going to be moved.. We add all that up and get moving!

Your vehicle is either loaded into an open or closed carrier, depending on how much protection you want to give it and put on the back of one of our powerful and well-maintained trucks, where it will stay secured until we make a transfer or drop it off at your required destination.

Then we haul off across the country! We’ve got some real truckers on our teams, they’re experienced and road smart so you needn’t worry about your cargo getting lost or damaged, these guys are seasoned pros.

The trip will take as long as it takes, the USA is a mighty big place and it can take a while to get anywhere it seems. But relax, it’ll get there, our drivers will make sure of that. They’ll take it right to the door.

VIP fully insure everything. We know how much you value your wheels, we value them too. That’s why we’ve got that extra layer of insurance, just to cover the things life can throw at you.

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See what our clients have to say about their Auto transport experience with us

MY first time shipping a car. The experience was great. They picked up my car on time and it was delivered on schedule. No issue at all! Brian H. -Sarasota, FL

Best rates hands down! Fast, curious, secured with no problems. Had not a single delay. The even offered to cover my vehicles during the transport. Highly recommend! Sarah B. -Raleigh, NC

After comparing other car shipping companies, I decided to give them a try. I have been a customer for 2 years now and have not look anywhere else. Frasncesco D.T. -New Haven, CT

Speak with a Car Shipping and Auto Transport Expert now 1(866) 350-4762 or Click here to: GET a Car Shipping Quote now!