International Car Shipping and Export

VIP Auto Transport will transport and ship your vehicle just about anywhere on earth.

If there’s a port and a set of roads, we can probably get it there. That’s how we roll here!

International shipping can be a nightmare for the inexperienced and certainly for the unprepared Car Shipper. Luckily for our customers, we have 25 Years of Car Shipping, Exporting and Logistics experience and we’re prepared to schedule and process all of your documents in order to make your International Car shipping experience is easy and effortless. We have been Car Shipping this for 25 years now, so we’d like to think we’ve got the hang of it.

It’s an eternally surprising game, the international shipping business, and that’s why we’ve got our extremely flexible team of experts keeping their sharp eye on conditions and making shipping your vehicle as easy as it possibly can be. They’ve got it all covered, and believe us, it is very little those guys haven’t seen and completed successfully. So relax, your precious ride will get there A-OK!

Sometimes, situations occur where everything can and does go wrong with international shipping. It’s a big and complex world so we can’t expect everything to go right all the time, and that’s why all our containers and everything we ship is fully insured. That gives us and you peace of mind, letting you get on with your life and us with the job at hand.

Our international car shipping service is usually door to door. But when it comes to International Shipping, there are exporting rules we have to comply with before it is delivered and then there are rules and regulations that differ from Country to Country. Each country has a Customs department whereby cars and their values have to be declared. Many countries impose an import tariff. It’s always best to check with the Customs authority at the port of destination. You should be able to find much of this information online.

As for getting the car shipped to your favorite port worldwide, well that’s the easy part. We’ll pick it up your vehicle from you and deliver it to where you want and provide you and approximate time for arrival. There are a few methods of transporting a vehice and that is either by Shipping Vessel in a container or literally rolled onto the ship as part of its manifest. The other, which is a more expensive route, is by air. That kind of service can be hard to find, but we have some of the best relationships in the business to get it done and on-time for you.

If all that sounds good, why not get in contact and talk to our friendly team about getting your set of wheels or boat shipped to… wherever you want!  You can rely on us to get it there, on time and in one piece, all for a great price. Let us take on the world for you.

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MY first time shipping a car. The experience was great. They picked up my car on time and it was delivered on schedule. No issue at all! Brian H. -Sarasota, FL

Best rates hands down! Fast, curious, secured with no problems. Had not a single delay. The even offered to cover my vehicles during the transport. Highly recommend! Sarah B. -Raleigh, NC

After comparing other car shipping companies, I decided to give them a try. I have been a customer for 2 years now and have not look anywhere else. Frasncesco D.T. -New Haven, CT

Speak with a Car Shipping and Auto Transport Expert now 1(866) 350-4762 or Click here to: GET a Car Shipping Quote now!