How to Know about the Best International Auto Shipping Services

Many people prefer to transport their existing vehicles overseas when they move to a different country. This offers several advantages compared to just getting a new car. With an increasing number of people moving to different countries for various reasons, the demand for such international auto shipping services has increased significantly. Consequently, there are a lot of companies which offer such services. With so many choices, it can get daunting to pick the right option. Here we shall discuss a few aspects that you must take into account while choosing international auto shipping services.

Choose specialists

Several domestic shipping companies offer international shipping as an afterthought where they just contact a cheap international shipping service and offload their responsibilities. This is not a good option. It is better to pick an international shipment service yourself. You can look on the website of the company to see if international shipping is their focus. Getting directly in touch with an international shipping company will allow you to pick different kinds of services as per your needs. For example, you can ask for a customs broker to help you with customs clearance. Such companies can often provide you with a comprehensive cost quote so that you don’t get any surprises later.

Check for flawless compliance with regulations

One characteristic of any good shipping company is that you should not be able to find any flaws in their compliance with rules and regulations. Check if the company that you want to choose is registered with FMCSA and FMC. You can check the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System (SAFER) database online which lists the safety performance and accident reports of all auto transport companies. Any discrepancies should be a serious cause for concern.

Look for reviews and testimonials

There are various websites online where people can post about their experiences dealing with companies. These reviews are a very helpful resource but be advised that one or two reviews don’t paint the complete picture. You need several reviews to get a fair idea. A quick Google search will help you find such reviews. You may also come across any new stories concerning the particular transport company in question.