How to hire the best International Car Shipping Service?

Hiring an international car shipping company is not easy job, unlike its domestic counterparts, international shipping is so complicated.  It needs expertise in custom laws of the country of origin and the country of destination.

Here are some basic things to take note, before you hire an international transport company.

  1. First, you need to search for transport shipping companies in the internet.  Make a short list and from there, try to visit their websites individually.  Check on their connections in other countries, their counterparts and read comments from their past clients.
  2. Once, you have chosen a company, initiate a contact with them and you may want to make an appointment with them.
  3. Talk to the representative and be honest on the required services you expect from them. Open up about possible problems that may occur and ask how they will address it.
  4. Discuss the packages they are offering and the corresponding rates that goes with it.
  5. After talking with them, you can opt to visit another possible company and do the same thing.
  6. Compare both companies, the services they are offering and the corresponding rate they offer.
  7. Take note of the disadvantages and advantages that you will get, when you hire either of them.

Shipping companies have their ways of promoting their businesses.  They apply different strategies, to win customers.  It is for you to determine, who is the best and who do you think can deliver.

Possible problems will occur are:

  • Customs regulations and policies vary from country to country.  There is a tendency that your vehicle will be left in the port upon departure for lack of documents or improper documentation.  Or, the problem may occur upon arrival to the port of call.
  • The worst scenario is to find out that your vehicle is lost or shipped to another country. That is a big problem, when you choose the wrong shipper.  If your shipper has no contact in that place, doing a follow-up is hard to do.  It will take weeks or months to be able to recover your vehicle.  That is a nightmare and nobody would want that to happen.
  • Another scenario is physical damage on your vehicle.  What if your shipper is not supportive enough when you claim for your insurance?

Those are basic problems that will have very bad effect on you.  Choose the best shipper for your Vehicle.