How to ensure safe and Secure International Auto Shipping

When you choose to ship your car internationally, it is important that you make the right decisions to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle. International shipping involves taking several risks but taking the right decisions can help you significantly offset them.

Choose the right shipping method

Unsurprisingly, there are various ways of shipping a vehicle abroad. Different methods are suitable for different kinds of vehicles. The simplest and often the cheapest method is by a roll on and roll off (RORO) ship. In this shipping method, your vehicle is transported by the sea using a specially designed ship for transporting cars and other road vehicles. Such shipping services are usually operated between busier ports and availability may be an issue for less busy ports. The vehicle is loaded on the ship using its own engine via a ramp. Vehicles are parked in the open with none or minimal protection from the elements. If your vehicle is fairly rugged, this is a good option. The other shipping method is by shipping your car or larger vehicle inside a standard sized shipping container. All commercial freight ports can handle such containers. The container provides a good level of protection, but the costs are higher. If you have a larger vehicle, then yours may be the only vehicle able to fit inside the container and you will need to pay the standard shipping fee for the whole container. The last option is transporting your vehicle by air. This is extremely expensive but has a higher level of protection and obvious speed advantages. This is feasible only for exotic or expensive vintage cars.

Check for proper insurance

Your standard car insurance will not cover shipping damages, so you will need separate shipping insurance. When you ask for a quote for shipping price, ensure that insurance is included. Make sure that the liability cover is higher than the value of your vehicle. Ask for details about the insurance and check what kinds of incidents are covered and pay attention to exclusions. In case you notice any damage while receiving your vehicle, immediately take photos with your smartphone and, if possible, get a signed declaration from the driver who delivered the vehicle saying that he witnessed the damage.