How to decide What Car Auto Transport Company to Hire?

Sometimes moving from one place is more convenient when you just leave everything handled by a transport company.  It will save you some precious time and effort in driving long distance.

Travelling with this option requires you to engage a car auto transport company.  These companies are specializing in transporting vehicles, from one place to another. Because of the many transport companies operating in your area, it will be a daunting task to choose which of them to hire.  They usually differ in their rate and the services they offer.  What is important is they transport your vehicle on time and hassle free.

How do we choose the best car auto transport company?  Below are some steps in choosing the right company for you.

  • Search for transport companies in the internet and one by one, check their websites. Go through their websites and check the services they are offering. Do not be lured by low rate advertising, as they may not have a complete service.
  • After you have short listed and choose one company in the list, schedule an appointment or you may visit their office directly.
  • Have a consultation with their representative and share with them every detail that they need to know. Close the deal and sign the documentation.
  • Prepare your car for transport. Remove all your personal things and keep the gas as-is.  Most of the transport companies will prefer vehicles with less gas. It is also advisable to wash your car before inspection, so anything can be easily seen.  One last thing to remember is to disable your alarm system, while the car is being transported.
  • During pick up, the driver should inspect your car for damages and write it in the car condition part in the bill of lading.
  • Upon delivery, you must take time to check everything for additional dents. This is the only time, for you to be able to claim damages.  If you find any, record it in the bill of lading and have it sign by the transport company.

Transporting you car is made easy, because of the so many car transport company operating in your area.  But, don’t forget, it’s not the number of transport companies that matters, it’s the kind of service they offer.