How Does Car Shipping Work?

Many companies and individuals around the world are in one way or another have engaged the services of international car shippers.  Many businesses of vehicle manufacturers transports their product to their market countries.  It does not happen in particular country only, but, in the whole world.

It is a common sight seeing car carriers on ports unloading and loading vehicles or in the customs area, you can see cars being evaluated and processed.  So, there is movement of vehicles from one place to the other. All these things are handled by international car shippers.

Now let us check on how a car shipping work.

  1. Pick up. The Shipper will pick up your vehicle in an agreed place. If it’s a residential area, let them know, so they can advise you to bring the vehicle, to a place where it is easy for them to navigate.  It will be difficult for them to bring a transporter or any large truch in residential areas.
  2. Again, this is depending on your agreement. During your meeting, pick up and drop off points, should have been specified.
  3. Your vehicle will be shipped with many other cars. However, you have nothing to worry as they have safety mechanisms being used, to make sure cars will not hit each other.  Aside from each car’s break system, they also have alternate ways, to stabilize all the cars.

Car shippers are also wary of leaks, so they are also taken note of it.

  1. You also have the option to have your car shipped alone. But, this option is very expensive.  You can arrange for a shipper that will accommodate such request.
  2. Car Covering. This Shippers transport your car uncovered.  They found out that car covers will cause more damage than good, It will keep on hitting the vehicle, which in turn cause paint damage.  It is advised to just wash your car and apply wax, to act as first layer of cover.
  3. They will advise you to put a minimal amount of gas in your car, before transporting it.
  4. Damages incurred during transport process will be paid by the insurance.  You can check in the contract, if your own insurance or their insurance, will pay for any damage.  It is also good to consult your insurance company on the issue.  This is how car shippers work.