How does auto transport differ than other shipping industry?

The world of transport and shipping is a broad one. There is the auto and car shipping, there are also the air cargo services (ship by Air) and the sea cargo, which is shipping by boat.  All these are part of the shipping industry.

Let us explore on the difference between Auto Transport and Car Shipping against other shipping industries.  Please check on these:

  1. Auto transport and shipping are mostly shipped without any other cargo with it. Car shipping companies are using car ships to transport cars and vehicles from place to place.
  2. Car shipping is very hard. Each car must be properly lashed to avoid damages while on voyage. There is a tendency that while on travel, you will encounter bad weather.  Rough seas will make the car move if not properly secured.  The danger of it hitting other cars is high.
  3. Documentation is very strict in the car shipping. Much more if you are shipping it to other countries. And also if you will be shipping luxury vehicles.
  4. Car shipping is done with 3 options to choose. The first option (air freight) is too expensive, so we don’t need to discuss it.  We will just focus on the 2 remaining options, the RORO and the container options.

In a container option, your car will be put inside a container with other cars, with the same destination.  This is a cheaper option, since you are sharing the cost with the other car owners. But, this option takes longer, because you have to wait, until all the containers are filled up.

The RORO option is also a cheaper option, even cheaper than the container.  In this option, the car is parked outside, while waiting to be loaded to the ship.  When ready to be loaded, worker in the port drive them on to the car carrier, where it will be secured.

Other shipping industries.

Other shipping industries such as logistics and general cargo shipping are usually shipped with different kind of cargos. They are usually cheaper and documentation is not that hard to comply.


There is no way you can compare auto shipping to other shipping industry.  Auto shipping is specific kind of shipping, where there is a specific cargo.  The cargos are so valuable and they should be handled with extra caution.  While in the other shipping industry, it is a combination of different cargos delivered from one place to another.