How to realize that you should use a shipping company for your car?

Planning to relocate to another place with your family? You are shipping all your things to the new place and you will be travelling with your wife and young kids?  This is a very easy task to think of, but, the truth is, this is a very stressful.  Imagine, it’s not you alone, but the whole family.  You have to take care of everything yourself, because your wife, will take care of some personal things and how about your kids?  These are the hardest part of travelling.

These will make you think many times of taking another option, to make things easier.  Here are some reasons to make you realized, that you need to use a shipping company for your car.


  1. Distance- Consider the distance of your travel. Do you need to drive the car alone? How long do you have to drive it, considering nobody can replace you when you are tired. Are you capable of driving long distance?  These are factors you should consider.
  2. Your Car- Another thing worth thinking is your car. Is it worthy enough to travel long distance? Think of a situation when you break down in the middle of nowhere and your family is with you.
  3. Gas Expenses. Travelling or driving your car, will mean filling up gas regularly, in every gas station. You cannot afford to lose petrol anytime soon. It will be a nightmare if it happens, much when you have kids with you.
  4. Driving your car for a long distance, will result to higher maintenance cost. You will have everything check. How about the tire, oil, brakes and engine.  It must undergo complete check-up.
  5. Safety– Safety is another cause of worry. It’s a long drive and sometimes you will be in a long stretch of road and expressway. Safety from bad elements and risky drivers are inevitable.

These are just simple and basic things worth considering.  After all, allowing a shipping company to transport your car is cheaper, than driving it yourself.  It is hassle free and risk free for you and your family.

How to know the Facts about International Car Shipping

People in the modern day’s are constantly on the move. It is evident in everyday arrival of tourists everywhere.  You can also take note of foreigners retiring in foreign countries, businesses establishing presence abroad and many more travel experiences that can prove it.

With many economies emerging everywhere, new potential markets are also a mark target by multi-national businesses.  So, economy is moving, goods should also be moving.

This is a bright opportunity for the international shipping industry.  It is a growing business for them. To understand this better, let us focus on one sector in this big industry.  The car industry and they are transported internationally.

Here are some facts about international car shipping.

  • Shipping Company. They are the most important character in this arena. They success of the shipment, depends on who you choose.  Do not focus on the name alone and the price they offer.  They are all doing good in the marketing arena, that is why, they are still around.  Choose for a company that has connections or offices in most continents or most cities in the globe.  The most important is, they have representation in your country of destination.  But, remember, the best service, will sometimes come with a good price too.
  • As there is no perfect transaction, ask for insurance for your car’s travel. Review the policy and check if it covers, all the concerns you have in your mind. If you are not satisfied, you can buy insurance, from other company.
  • Size of the Cargo. Choose the cargo that can accommodate several vehicles. The bigger the cargo, the cheaper the cost.
  • Taking pictures of your vehicle will ensure that any scratch and dents, can easily be notice.  You will have evidence to show, just in case there is misunderstanding on the issue.

These are some facts about international car shipping.  You don’t have to worry, because, this is not a new thing.  It is an old industry and being used by multi-national companies, governments, the rich and famous and even the military.  But, it pays to take extra caution.

How Does Car Shipping Work?

Many companies and individuals around the world are in one way or another have engaged the services of international car shippers.  Many businesses of vehicle manufacturers transports their product to their market countries.  It does not happen in particular country only, but, in the whole world.

It is a common sight seeing car carriers on ports unloading and loading vehicles or in the customs area, you can see cars being evaluated and processed.  So, there is movement of vehicles from one place to the other. All these things are handled by international car shippers.

Now let us check on how a car shipping work.

  1. Pick up. The Shipper will pick up your vehicle in an agreed place. If it’s a residential area, let them know, so they can advise you to bring the vehicle, to a place where it is easy for them to navigate.  It will be difficult for them to bring a transporter or any large truch in residential areas.
  2. Again, this is depending on your agreement. During your meeting, pick up and drop off points, should have been specified.
  3. Your vehicle will be shipped with many other cars. However, you have nothing to worry as they have safety mechanisms being used, to make sure cars will not hit each other.  Aside from each car’s break system, they also have alternate ways, to stabilize all the cars.

Car shippers are also wary of leaks, so they are also taken note of it.

  1. You also have the option to have your car shipped alone. But, this option is very expensive.  You can arrange for a shipper that will accommodate such request.
  2. Car Covering. This Shippers transport your car uncovered.  They found out that car covers will cause more damage than good, It will keep on hitting the vehicle, which in turn cause paint damage.  It is advised to just wash your car and apply wax, to act as first layer of cover.
  3. They will advise you to put a minimal amount of gas in your car, before transporting it.
  4. Damages incurred during transport process will be paid by the insurance.  You can check in the contract, if your own insurance or their insurance, will pay for any damage.  It is also good to consult your insurance company on the issue.  This is how car shippers work.

How to hire the best International Car Shipping Service?

Hiring an international car shipping company is not easy job, unlike its domestic counterparts, international shipping is so complicated.  It needs expertise in custom laws of the country of origin and the country of destination.

Here are some basic things to take note, before you hire an international transport company.

  1. First, you need to search for transport shipping companies in the internet.  Make a short list and from there, try to visit their websites individually.  Check on their connections in other countries, their counterparts and read comments from their past clients.
  2. Once, you have chosen a company, initiate a contact with them and you may want to make an appointment with them.
  3. Talk to the representative and be honest on the required services you expect from them. Open up about possible problems that may occur and ask how they will address it.
  4. Discuss the packages they are offering and the corresponding rates that goes with it.
  5. After talking with them, you can opt to visit another possible company and do the same thing.
  6. Compare both companies, the services they are offering and the corresponding rate they offer.
  7. Take note of the disadvantages and advantages that you will get, when you hire either of them.

Shipping companies have their ways of promoting their businesses.  They apply different strategies, to win customers.  It is for you to determine, who is the best and who do you think can deliver.

Possible problems will occur are:

  • Customs regulations and policies vary from country to country.  There is a tendency that your vehicle will be left in the port upon departure for lack of documents or improper documentation.  Or, the problem may occur upon arrival to the port of call.
  • The worst scenario is to find out that your vehicle is lost or shipped to another country. That is a big problem, when you choose the wrong shipper.  If your shipper has no contact in that place, doing a follow-up is hard to do.  It will take weeks or months to be able to recover your vehicle.  That is a nightmare and nobody would want that to happen.
  • Another scenario is physical damage on your vehicle.  What if your shipper is not supportive enough when you claim for your insurance?

Those are basic problems that will have very bad effect on you.  Choose the best shipper for your Vehicle.

How to decide What Car Auto Transport Company to Hire?

Sometimes moving from one place is more convenient when you just leave everything handled by a transport company.  It will save you some precious time and effort in driving long distance.

Travelling with this option requires you to engage a car auto transport company.  These companies are specializing in transporting vehicles, from one place to another. Because of the many transport companies operating in your area, it will be a daunting task to choose which of them to hire.  They usually differ in their rate and the services they offer.  What is important is they transport your vehicle on time and hassle free.

How do we choose the best car auto transport company?  Below are some steps in choosing the right company for you.

  • Search for transport companies in the internet and one by one, check their websites. Go through their websites and check the services they are offering. Do not be lured by low rate advertising, as they may not have a complete service.
  • After you have short listed and choose one company in the list, schedule an appointment or you may visit their office directly.
  • Have a consultation with their representative and share with them every detail that they need to know. Close the deal and sign the documentation.
  • Prepare your car for transport. Remove all your personal things and keep the gas as-is.  Most of the transport companies will prefer vehicles with less gas. It is also advisable to wash your car before inspection, so anything can be easily seen.  One last thing to remember is to disable your alarm system, while the car is being transported.
  • During pick up, the driver should inspect your car for damages and write it in the car condition part in the bill of lading.
  • Upon delivery, you must take time to check everything for additional dents. This is the only time, for you to be able to claim damages.  If you find any, record it in the bill of lading and have it sign by the transport company.

Transporting you car is made easy, because of the so many car transport company operating in your area.  But, don’t forget, it’s not the number of transport companies that matters, it’s the kind of service they offer.